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SWAY BNB will help create your Airbnb property profile, shoot professional photography, communicate with guests throughout their stay, clean your home, and restock basic necessities (soap, shampoo, paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies). We also coordinate check in/out and provide concierge services for your guests. We do it all 🙂

SWAY BNB has the most straightforward and transparent fee structure in the industry. We charge a flat fee 20% of your Airbnb or VRBO bookings, and you don’t pay any fees until your property is rented and you get paid.

Guest stay proceeds will be directed to your bank account by the 10th day of the following month along with a detailed income & expense report.
SWAY BNB specializes in bringing homes into the sharing economy that otherwise wouldn’t or couldn’t be there. Let a Property Specialist know about your particular situation and we will work to meet your needs. We offer furnishing services, lock smithing, staging and handy man services that will turn your empty home into a fully furnished and ready to list home.
Working with SWAY BNB means that you can continue to use your home when you need to. You will simply contact our team to have the property set aside for your use. We’ll even clean and restock it after you leave!
We create an engaging VRBO and Airbnb profile for your home and fill it with eye catching professional photos. We help create memorable guest experiences that earn five star ratings to maximize traffic to your property’s profile.
We apply guest screening criteria on your profile to ensure peace of mind. We make sure to specify that only highly rated guests with a track record of good reviews will be able to book your home.
We offer full services in Scottsdale, Arizona
Cleanings are paid by the guest at the time of booking and you would not have to pay out of pocket for cleanings. Our team of internally hired trained housekeepers are responsible for leaving your home fresh and spotless for the next guest.
We work with a team of experienced revenue managers that create competitive and profitable rates for your Airbnb. The trick is to find the sweet spot for an ever changing market that adjusts based on season, local events, and competition
Simply submit your information or send us an email at info@swaybnb.com to begin the process.
An Airbnb management service provided by dedicated team of professionals will handle everything to do with your Airbnb rental process, allowing you to reduce stress and time associated within your business, at a small cost that we make worth it.
Most Airbnb hosts are proficient when it comes to one or two areas of the short-term rental business. However, it’s the hosts that provide top quality all inclusive experience, from correct pricing, to cleanliness and guest experience, that will keep their customers coming back, maximize their profits and reduce their workload. If you’re looking to make higher margins on your rentals as a host, you can trust in SWAY BNB.. SWAY BNB is able to optimise your rentals pricing based on a significant number of variables, with the end goal being increasing your ROI.
There is no fee to get started, but you are responsible for the costs of photography, a deep clean of your property prior to the first guests arriving, copying keys as needed, purchasing sufficient linens and any other items required to provide guests with a quality experience.
There is a lot we can do to separate the good from the bad — most helpful is filtering for guests with verified identities who have stayed at other properties and received positive reviews. We also reach out to meet guests and understand their travel plans. We take the safety and security of your home seriously, and don’t take risks.
Airbnb provides complete primary insurance for home damage, injury or theft for up to $1 million through their Host Guarantee Program. Still, it benefits owners to have insurance beyond that 1 million, especially 3rd party liability insurance for a case in which a guests is injured in the home.
To offer the highest degree of service, we operate year round, including weekends and holidays.
Whether you have a question about our services, or just want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.